Write Better Blog Posts in 5 Easy Steps


In a time where social media, podcasts and video seem to be taking center stage, are we forgetting about our good ol’ pals, blogs?

Blogs are alive and well! They’ve simply evolved and changed. 

How can you offer your readers a blog experience they want to follow and continue visiting?

1.     Speak directly to your specific audience

Know your audience and what they want. And if you’re not sure who your audience is or what they want, ask them! 

Create a Facebook or Instagram poll for quick results. Email your list a brief survey about their demographics and what they’d like to read on your blog.

2.   Draw in your readers immediately 

A quality title should be catchy and informative. Why should they stop on your content and read it? What value are you adding?  

In your introduction briefly tell them what you’re going to tell them and why they should keep reading.

3.   Use headers and bolded content that’s easy to scan

Your readers may not spend a lot of time on your content. They want the key takeaways immediately. Be brief and offer bullet points that can be scanned or skimmed. 

You can offer easily consumable content by using larger headers and bolded content. Bolding allows your reader to quickly see your points and read further into each point that interests them. 

4.   Offer information that helps your reader

Why is someone visiting the blog – for entertainment or information? Offer lists (listicles) or steps of how to do something. Research your topic and provide new insights or a new perspective on a subject that others may not have shared.

Include links to other posts you’ve written that they may find helpful. Linking to other posts also keeps individuals on your site longer. Win-win.

5.   Finish with a call to action

Conclude your piece with a call to action. Encourage them to do something, even if it’s simply connecting and engaging with you.

First, ask your readers a question to entice them to leave a comment on your blog post. This is important engagement that will help you know your readers better.

Then, direct them somewhere else to keep engaged with your brand. Direct them to your website to purchase a product, link them to sign up for a newsletter, point them to a new post on social media or ask them to pin the post on Pinterest. 

Blogs are here to stay

Why? Blogs provide valuable information and engage readers in ways social media and podcasts cannot. Blogs offer a more in-depth look at a topic and are a way to connect and learn in a searchable form that keeps your website alive and helps your search engine results through keywords that connect to your brand. 

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