How to Stay Focused on New Year’s Goals


Did you diligently create personal and business goals around the new year, only to not have even glanced at them since? You’re not the only one. So many of us are great at goal-setting but not so much at the follow through. 

Here are a few tips to ensure your goals aren’t just a New Year’s fad, but important activities you’ll continue to focus on all year long.

Schedule time

Depending on your goals, schedule time in your calendar just like any other appointment or meeting. This includes time for specific weekly tasks such workouts or networking lunches, as well as a regular time each month to sit down and review progress on your goals.  

When you have appointments with a friend or colleague, you typically keep those appointments, right? Same should go here. Take these meetings with yourself seriously, knowing that if you cancel every week, you’re unlikely to accomplish what you set out to do at the beginning of the year.


Print them out

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” couldn’t be truer when it comes to your goals. You’ll stay so much more motivated if you can see your goals each and every day. That means printing them out and tacking them up on a bulletin board, carrying them around in a journal or notebook with you, or hanging them up on your fridge. If they sit in a file on your computer, it’s so easy to not open them for months at a time (or the rest of the year).

Another benefit to printing out your goals is your ability to note progress or cross off accomplishments you’ve achieved. Physically taking pen to paper provides a satisfaction that you’ll want to replicate throughout the year. If it gets too messy, update your digital document quarterly and print of a fresh copy to write on over the next few months.


Create accountability

By telling someone else about your goals, you’ll have a reason to keep pushing yourself to achieve them. This could mean hiring a coach, finding a mentor, posting about them to your following on Instagram, or leaning on a friend or partner. Choose someone who will ask you for updates on your plan and who you want to make proud. Meet regularly throughout the year to go over your progress, and hear any suggestions they may have for you.

A great way to find accountability includes joining a mastermind group. Some mastermind groups are larger ones you pay for run by an expert or coach, and will help you accelerate your goals quickly. If that’s not for you, form your own. I meet with a small group of friends every couple of months to go over highs and lows of our businesses, and discuss which goals we’re focused on or need help with.

Forget the new year!

If you didn’t write goals at the beginning of January, who cares! There’s an unnecessary stress created when we tie goals to a timeframe that doesn’t really matter. Any day of the year can be a fresh start.


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