Healthier Habits for the Momboss


When I started my business, I went for it at full speed. Since the nature of my work is focused on billing hours, very quickly, time became a real issue. The time that wasn’t spent working was with my family. Everything else became secondary, including my health and fitness. 

It’s funny how quickly good habits built over years can be broken. And then how long it can take to create new habits that fit with your life, especially when your life has changed. The reality is, it’s hard work and needs to be prioritized, just like anything else you want to succeed at.

Last winter, I realized I needed to break the cycle of always putting my own self-care last and did a small cry for help on Instagram. Sarah Addeo, at AddeoFit, reached out to me and we talked through some strategies to make changes. Now, I’ve found some new habits that have helped me stay on track even when I feel overwhelmed with life.

I know everyone is so different, and that you have to find what works for you. I thought I’d share what has been working for me in case it helps anyone else out there who struggles to make time for fitness, healthy eating and self-care.

Plan the Week – The past couple of months, I’ve worked with Sarah at AddeoFit tocreate weekly plans for my workouts and meals. Getting in the habit of making the plan and actually running it by someone else has been such a game-changer. Once a week, I sit down with my schedule and plan which workouts I’ll go to, and put them in my planner. Then I make my meal plan for the week, and put the dinners in my planner. I send Sarah an email outlining this and each week. Then I (try) to track my food and activity, and we talk though what both worked and what derailed my plan so I can try to avoid any hurdles in the future. While I don’t always follow my plan exactly, having a plan keeps me more on track that not having a plan at all.

Mix It Up – Those of you who know me know my brain has a lot of tabs open at all times. I’m constantly getting drawn in by new ideas, goals or activities. I get bored very easily. So, working out at places where there was only one option was tough for me. Sarah created her studio to be many studios in one. I love having so many options that allow me to mix things up when I get bored with a certain workout. Each week, I can choose from yoga, kickboxing, HIIT classes, barre and more. Sarah talks about “finding your fit.” For this stage in my life, my “fit” means mixing it up. This especially works with my freelance schedule – during really busy times, I gravitate toward the shorter 30-minute classes and when I have more flexibility, I can go to longer classes. For me, this just works. 

Set Goals – Like many women business owners, I’m extremely goal oriented, so it’s no surprise that setting goals helps me when it comes to health and fitness too. Just like with my business, setting really big goals that I never thought I’d be able to achieve really motivates me. Recently these goals have been around running. I’ve never been a runner, but joined a running club through AddeoFit. When I thought I wouldn’t be able to run more than a couple miles, suddenly I hit 3, then 4, then 5 miles, and am on my way to my 10k goal. In the past, my fitness goals have always been about weight loss. Big shocker, this never worked long term, and always left me feeling bad about myself. Now that I have non-weight-related goals, I feel so much more motivated. 

Find a Tribe – Working out in a place that feels like a community has really helped the isolation I often feel as a solopreneur who mostly works from home. When I have days at home, focused on writing and meeting deadlines, it feels so good to get out of the house mid-day and go to class. I have certain friends I can text and see if they want to go too, which keeps everyone going and makes it much more fun.

This is all such a work in progress, but I’m feeling so much better than I did last winter. Thanks to AddeoFit for helping me creating new habits that I think will really stick, and working with me to realize it is possible with my busy schedule as a mom and business owner.

I'm partnering with AddeoFit to find new ways for busy moms to be healthy but these are my thoughts and experiences.