Inspiring Female Entrepreneur: Kendra Scott


How's everyone doing? We're in Scottsdale on Spring Break this week! Every time we're here we head over to Scottsdale Quarter for some shopping. I treated myself to a classic and delicate Kendra Scott white stone necklace and bracelet. They're both so pretty, and I'm really excited to wear them this spring and summer!

Coincidentally, when I woke up this morning, I saw a lot about Kendra Scott on social media because she launched her new candle line today. Due to some candle publicity, my mom also sent me a link to a CBS This Morning article about her. I loved learning more about the inspiring story of how she started her business.

Not only is Kendra Scott from Kenosha, Wis., she started her business with just $500 and some persistence. With no college degree and just a few beading class under her belt, she took a stab at jewelry making, then worked to sell it wholesale with a core group of women helping her.

Today, Kendra Scott is a billion dollar brand with 2,000 employees (98 percent women!). When people like me are just starting off, it's amazing to hear how someone else also built such a successful business from the ground up. If Kendra Scott went from working in her bedroom to running a billion dollar business, maybe anything really is possible.

Here's to more small businesses finding success, however they define it.

Not an ad, just love Kendra Scott and entrepreneurship!