Give Your Brand a Killer Personality

When I started MatchPoint, I sat down and did a fun little exercise to bring my brand to life. I literally made MatchPoint its own person, listing out all of its favorite things. I wanted to know my brand better.


If you’ve started a company or work in marketing, you may have identified brand guidelines – a color palette, font styles or a voice. Those are critical elements to building your brand.


But a personality exercise takes this one step further, beyond visual branding, to truly identify the qualities your company represents. In addition:

-       It creates even greater consistency in how you represent your company.

-       It helps your customers know you better, and ultimately, feel more connected. 


You might wonder, isn’t your brand’s personality just your own?  

If you and your company are one in the same (you alone provide services and your brand depends on you), then yes it can be. But if your company is a product or service that is not tied to you, these personality traits can be completely independent. For MatchPoint, it’s a bit of a mix. While these personality attributes aren’t meant to represent me, there are a lot of similarities because I built a company based on many of my own interests and I’m the face of my company.


Questions to “ask” your brand

Here’s MatchPoint’s brand favorites list, something I’ve never directly communicated, but as I hope you’ll see, a guide for representing my company’s personality:

1.     Drink – Old-fashioned

2.     Color – Blue and white

3.     Movie – You’ve Got Mail

4.     Vacation spot - Nantucket

5.     Sport/hobby – Tennis (duh)

6.     Book – Little Women

7.     Pastimes – Letter Writing

8.     Collection – Typewriters

9.     Go-To Style – Stripes

10.    Season - Summer


In doing this, I crystalized two particular attributes I want MatchPoint to own and represent – 1) classic and 2) authentic. These qualities tie directly to my services. We create quality brands and content, mainly to be communicated through digital platforms, but still rooted in classic communications principles aimed to reach a company’s business goals. These efforts create authentic connections with their customers.


How to carry out your brand personality

Once your brand has a winning personality, use the details to guide your own marketing and communications activities:

-       Create a seamless visual story on Instagram

-       Curate inspirational boards on Pinterest

-       Show a richer personality through your blog posts

-       Elevate your company’s event style and décor

-       Give clients holiday gifts that reflect your company


It’s time to give your brand even more personality. Come up with your own questions to “ask” your brand or use the same that I’ve used above. Either way, it’s a great start to getting to know your company on a whole new level!