The Phrase That’s Kept My New Business Going

I’m on a project team for one of my clients that’s doing some really cool, innovative stuff for the company. We’ve started this work, but it’s new, so the team is constantly talking about what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and how to improve as we go.

The phrase they continue to say over and over again as they work through kinks and forge ahead has not only inspired the work I do on that team, but also the work I do running my new business. The phrase is Progress Over Perfection.

As a new business owner, what they say is really true. You work around the clock trying to build the business and make your customers happy. Oh yeah, and then there’s that whole social media thing that takes up just a little time too.

I’ve said to myself many times that I shouldn’t move forward with a certain aspect of my business because it doesn’t feel done, or it isn’t to the level I want it to be. But the reality is that there really isn’t always time to make it that way. And if I waited for more time, it may not happen.

So, here’s what I’ve done to move forward even when I’m feeling really hesitant:

1.     Start small. I make progress on something smaller first. The rush from completing something often motivates me to do more, even something I’m more hesitant about.

2.     Create a work in progress. I push a project forward and put it out there, knowing I’ll make adjustments and improve it over time. I felt like this about launching my website, which I continue to refine over time. I’m currently planning a whole new page I feel is missing, am adding photos and rewriting content even though I launched the blog months ago.

3.     Get feedback. When I’m feeling really unsure but know in my heart I need to move forward, getting feedback from my teammates or husband helps give me the confidence I need, or even better, tips to improve.

My clients understand that to do great things, we have to face the unknown head on. Mistakes will happen. But breakthroughs will too.

It’s the same for a new business – a constant state of progress over perfection. New business owners, things may not always be perfect, but we are building something! And in our imperfect process, we’ll learn and grow, and figure out solutions that work best for our customers. It’s often that imperfect that gives us the lessons we need to be stronger.