Finding Flexibility in my Career

Most of us are looking for more flexibility in our careers, whether that's flex time, more work-at-days or working remotely. Of course, different set ups work for different people. For me, after years of being at home with my kids full-time and only working part-time, I wanted as much control over my schedule as possible when I decided to go back to work.

While I still answer to my clients and work around their schedules, I find that owning my own business allows me to fulfill both my family and career goals. Nothing is perfect, and I'm still working on it, but so far I'm finding the balance I need and will adjust as I go. You can learn more behind my personal story for why I founded Match Point Consultants in a guest blog I recently wrote for The Healthy Work at Home Mom.

Does your career provide a flexible schedule? Do you wish you had more flexibility? I'd love to hear from you.