5 Ways to Focus on Writing


Whether you’re a freelancer or have a writing role within your company, finding the time and concentration to write or complete a complex project can be a challenge. With the dizzying amount of distractions we face in a day, it’s easier said than done to actually get things done, especially a more creative process like writing. 

I've had writing deadlines constantly looming over me for the past 15 years, so I’ve learned a few tricks to actually put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keys? You get it. Here are five ways to start tapping away to create your brilliant copy:

1. Leave your normal workspace - If you’re in an office, work from home for the day or even relocate to a conference room or your company’s cafeteria. If you typically work at home, venture out to a coffee shop or the library, or even just bring the laptop to a different room in your house for a change of pace.
2. Look away from the email - How many emails do you receive in a day? It’s insane. But you know nothing can get done if you look at these emails every time you hear the ‘dig’ of a newly received email. Check in every hour or two during a writing session, otherwise keep the Outlook or Gmail browser closed.
3. Turn off the phone - It’s hard, I know. We’re all addicted. If you can’t turn it off completely due to emergency calls, put it out of site so it’s less tempting to waste time scrolling through Facebook.
4. Get the creative juices flowing - Have a deadline to meet but you just aren’t feeling it? Trust me, I understand. When you need to get creative and productive fast, go on a quick walk to think about your project, do a brainstorm with a coworker, or just start writing down all of your ideas even if it’s not pretty.
5. Reward yourself - Sometimes even the best of us need a little motivation. Tell yourself that if you get an hour of solid writing in, you can break for a treat. Small breaks filled with something a little special are often so necessary to keep you moving, just make sure you sit back down afterward.

What are your tips for concentrating on a big project?