Love, Love


In tennis, “love, love” is the score at the beginning of the match and at the beginning of each game. Even if you lost the game before, “love, love” is a fresh start. You can win the next game and all that come after, and still win the match, no matter how many games you lost before.

It takes a focused determination to play the game. If you get behind, it’s playing one point at a time with a positive attitude that will shift the momentum. But there’s never a clock, so you can never give up. There’s always an opportunity to succeed.

A career or business can have the same kind of limitless opportunities. The effort put in leads to more customers, greater sales or a positive image. You can think of your messages like points. Each well-crafted message could be a point in your favor leading you toward achieving your business goals.

Match Point Consultants has now officially launched. In a way, we’re at “love, love.” It’s a fresh start and the opportunities are limitless. It’s a great place to be. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish for ourselves and for our clients to help them reach their goals.

Here we go… with lots of love, love.